What type of law do you specialize in?

I do all aspects of Small claims and Landlord & tenant matters

Do you charge for a consultation?

No, I do not charge for a brief phone conversation. However, there maybe a consultation fee if your matter is lengthy and complicated in nature. Should you then decide to retain my services following our meeting, I will apply this consultation fee towards the amount of your matter.

How can I book a consultation?

You are free to contact me over the telephone on my personal number 647-273-8638. You can also drop me an email at hullah@ullahlaw.ca or fill in a consultation form available on our website that will help us arrange for a consultation.

What are your office hours?

There is no fixed time for which I am available. I work on a flexible schedule. I completely understand that clients must balance between their professional and personal lives. Hence I make it a point to accommodate both my existing as well as new clients.

Are you Licensed by the Law Society of Ontario?

Yes, I hold a license rewarded to me by the Law Society of Ontario.

Why should we choose you?

M business completely focuses on customer service. I always give my best in handling cases in the most subtle and justified way. I deal with simple to complicated cases and I do it with utmost care. I offer candid and honest advice which can assist my clientele with their matter. I ensure that every case is handled with integrity and compassion. You can call me at 647-273-8638. I am always here to answer your queries.

How do you accept payment?

Presently, I take cash or email money transfer as methods of payments