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What Is a Paralegal and How Do Paralegal Services Work?

A paralegal is a professional who provides legal support to lawyers and other members of the legal team. They often work in law firms, government agencies, and private corporations. Also, they practice Civil proceedings, Tribunals and Provincial Offences. In this blog post, we will discuss how paralegal services work and how they can benefit you. [...]

The Difference Between a Legal Services Specialist and a Paralegal

The legal services industry employs a variety of professionals, including legal services specialists and paralegals. Though these roles can be quite similar, there are some key distinctions between them. A legal services specialist is typically responsible for providing administrative support to attorneys. This includes tasks such as screening calls and emails, managing calendars, scheduling meetings, [...]

5 Special Claims for Unpaid Rent, Tenant Damages in Ontario, Canada

If you are a landlord in Ontario, Canada and your tenant refuses to pay rent or damages your rental unit, you can file a special claim with the Landlord and Tenant Board. There are five types of special claims that a landlord can make against a tenant in Ontario, Canada: 1. Unpaid rent – if [...]